What We Pay

Are you thinking about selling a diamond or diamond jewelry?

We are experts in grading diamonds and have over 100 years’ experience combined with impeccable reputation, trusted Since 1959.

We offer free appraisals and know the current markets to help you get the highest cash offer. We buy all diamonds in any shape or cut, color, clarity and weight. ( 3/4)  0.75 carat and larger.

We specialize in 2.00 carats and larger and Fancy Color diamonds, Fancy Blue, Fancy Pink, and Fancy Yellow, as well as others. *(Note Black is not Fancy).

We also make offers for you to sell Laser drilled diamond, sell Irradiated color diamond and Clarity enhanced diamond or Fracture filled diamond.

We Will Pay Up To 95% of Market Value

We are known throughout Dallas / Ft. Worth as offering the highest cash price because we are a high volume diamond wholesaler.

The Value in a diamond is based upon the 4C’s

Cut – Color – Clarity – Carat Weight

  • Cut – refers to the overall shape and proportions and symmetry
  • Color – refers to the amount of color in a diamond ( colorless – fancy )
  • Clarity – refers to the amount of characteristics or inclustions
  • Carat Weight – refers to the size or weight a stone weights
  • Certification – Independent Geomological Laboratory – GIA,EGL,IGI
  • Current Value – the market demand and supply

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